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to cool and refresh


"This amazing women came into my life just when I thought I couldn't heal my skin naturally and no doctors could tell tell what and how to heal my skin.. Sharon introduced me to her hemp balms and it has been amazing cold sore gone in 3 days.. itchy skin has reduced.. my dry hands no more.. I can not express how much I love this product and would recommend to anyone who has skin conditions.. 100% natural and made with love from this caring, loving soul called Sharon, I'm so glad to have meet on my path"

Silver Empress

"My daughter had terrible eczema. For three days we tried Starblest Hemp Balm on one finger. We noticed such a difference on that finger compared to the rest of her hand. It had healed and soothed so much. Now we use it on all her eczema and it makes such a difference."

Luul Ligas

"Sharon's balms are amazing! Healed my cracked skin in no time, highly recommend."

Rachel Macindoe

"This Peppermint Starblest Hemp Balm is the only cream I have found which gives me consistent and lasting relief from my hand eczema."

Ollie Macindoe

"First up, I used Starblest Hemp Balms on a skin blemish and it does better that any other product and later I used it on bone that had chipped that wasn't healing properly, giving me arthritis AND it fixed that. I have since used it on an open wound. I realize that the Hemp seed Oil is very good for you and effective. Don't see any downside. I highly recommend it."  

Phillip Schmidt

"I've been applying Starblest Hemp Balm to my face, hands and lower arms for a couple of months now.  These are areas with a lot of sun damage.  I've found that wonderful things have been happening to my skin - smoother and more supple, especially on my face, and I think the magical properties are even working on my freckles and sunspots - they are fading, especially on my hands.  It also smells lovely and is soothing to apply - hemp oil is amazing!."


"After using your product, Starblest Hemp Balm, I wouldn't use anything else. It is so soft and smooth, which makes it easy to apply. It brings immediate relief to lips."


"Starblest Hemp Balms are the best protective moisturisers that I have used. I have worked as a nurse and tried many over the years, in my work. None have given the results that these balms have. A little goes a long way!"


"I love using the peppermint balm on dry, cracked skin for fast healing and the lavender balm to assist with relaxation and sleep. The rose balm is a favourite of mine on my neck, wrists and temples to smell and share the gorgeous scent!"
Experience the secret wonder of these all natural Hemp Balms as you soothe and nourish your skin. Hemp Seed Oil has a similar cellular make up as your skin, allowing it to deeply penetrate so it can restore and revitalise your most precious organ.
It can heal dry skin, cracked cuticles and heels. Starblest Hemp Balms make a wonderful hand cream, lip balm or foot balm.  
They really are wonder balms that can help in unexpected ways.
These balms are lovingly hand made and blessed by the angels of the Christ/Six Pointed Star: 


Starblest Hemp Balm gives you a choice of three different essential oils:​
Peppermint - To cool and refresh
Lavender - To relax and calm
                       Rose -  To restore and uplift                     
Here is a list of ingredients in our balm: Oils of hemp seed*, sunflower seed*, castor and coconut*. Beeswax* and essential oils. (* denotes organic)


​ For Original, Lavender and Peppermint Hemp Balms:
3gm:$3   30gm: $15     60gm:  $29   
 For Rose Hemp Balms:
3gm: $5   30gm: $25   60gm:$49
Sample packs
One of each 3gm Rose, Peppermint, Original and Peppermint Hemp Balm: $10
Individual minis (3g) are available at $5 postage Australia wide.
A $10 Australia wide postage fee applies to all online purchases of 30g and 60g Hemp Balms and sample packs.
International postage will be calculated depending on destination.
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