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Songs and Videos to Inspire and Help Bring About Change on a Personal and Planetary Level

 I have written the following song which is about a beautiful , powerful symbol, the "Christ Star" or six pointed Star.  As we hold a positive vision, and see the "Star" pouring down it's golden light upon it, the angels are called into service, by our Mother/Father God, to bring about the highest good of all.

In our current times, with  the way our world is going - the way our Earth is being treated, her forests, her oceans, her wildlife and her people, these words came to me.

My aim is to bring hope, in a practical way, that positive change can come about. Part of this, for me, is to help restore humanity's knowledge of a loving, creative source and  angelic beings that we can co-create with.

I  have witnessed this beautiful Star energy in my life and have called on the angels to help me over the years and  have been amazed at how they have helped.

To find out more about the Star, visit:

Starlight so Bright.

by Sharon Wright

When there's trouble all about

and I'm feeling hope is running out,

that's when I remember,

there's something

that can change everything


Starlight, Starlight, Shining so Bright

Starlight, Starlight, making everything alright.

That six pointed Star,

sending it's magic ,

oh so far,

With one triangle

reaching up,

full of all our hope,

And that other triangle,

pouring down Heaven's help.


The Ancient Wisdoms say

there will come a day

when love will reign

 take away all the pain

When Mother Earth

will hold the highest worth.


 With our peaceful hearts,

we can play our parts,

and send a blessing,

See the Star a shining,

over this vision ,

held so strong,

The more of us ,

the quicker we can bring it on!


Starlight, Starlight, shining so bright,

Starlight, Starlight making everything alright.

Starlight, Starlight, shining so bright,

Starlight, Starlight, making everything alright!


The recording is available here:

"Magic Tapping" for Everyone


This video gives instructions on how to use this self help tool. It is a mixture of gentle "Tapping" on acupressure 

points of the body, breathing techniques and words- sung, said or just imagined:

The  recording of one of the songs sung on this video,"Yelly,Yelly Yo", is available here:

Workshops, teaching the "Magic Tapping", are also available.  Visit the workshops page, on this website.

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