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Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright is the Founder of "Wings to Sing" She is a singer, songwriter and practical idealist who is passionate about sharing ways to nourish ourselves and our world, energetically.

Through the use of her songs, Sharon shares the wisdom she has gained and a technique she has practised, for many years -'Magic Tapping'/"Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT


" This practice helps to release feelings of emotional upsets through the use of gentle "tapping" on acupressure points of the body.  

To help our world, the Starblest Project was birthed.

This consists of  Hemp Balms, visualization and song, 

 With these, Sharon promotes the use of the ancient symbol of the Christ Star/Six Pointed Star, to help bring about the highest good of all, and Hemp as a wonder crop for helping in so many ways, including nourishing our skin and our soil.

In the creation of her magical, "Starblest" balms, she uses song to bless them and their users. They are available for purchase, here at my online shop.

Her song, "Starlight, so Bright", is used in their creation, as well as in visualizing a loving ,harmonious world for us all. Visit the songs and video page for the words and link to it's recording.

Sharon runs uplifting workshops to teach these techniques as well as the creation of your own magical hemp balm and roller. Visit the workshops page to find out about current workshops being offered.

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